Contribute to Tudat

Any contribution you have to Tudat is very welcome! This can come in the form of code contributions in C++ or Python, additions to our website, extensions to the API documentation, the writing of example applications, etc. Also, any general advice, ideas, comments, feature request are most welcome! You can use any of the following to work on Tudat and/or reach out:

Contributor list

Below, there is a list of contributors to Tudat. Mostly, these have been staff and students of TU Delft who have worked on Tudat as part of their research project(s) and/or as TAs. Many of them have put a lot of their free time and research time into making Tudat what it is. If you think your name is missing here, please let us know!

Currently and recently active contributors

Tudat Alumni Hall-of-fame

  • Kartik Kumar - For starting it all, developing numerous core features, and leading the project through the crucial first few years with huge passion and commitment

  • Jacco Geul - For supporting Tudat for the duration of his Ph.D. project, resolving more bugs and answering more questions than we can count and professionalizing the setup of the project

  • Jeroen Melman - For helping to build up the Tudat project in its very first years with code development and project setup, without which it may never have survived

Past Contributors